Nathan Favot is a 30 years old French artist currently based in Amsterdam, Netherland. He is a multi-media artist and mostly uses visual art mediums. Depending on projects, photography, video, installation, or performances could be chosen as his main media or combined together.


Nathan has started his career by a pre-graduate sociological study in between France and Iceland. During his youth and early ’20s, art and photography was something he did remotely on the side of his studies. Most of his work and research was then oriented to analog photography technics, while his studies offered him an anthropological background to observe and analyze society. 


After graduating in Reykjavik, in 2011 from a bachelor in Sciences of Visual Communication, and Cultural Mediation. Nathan Favot decided to fully dedicate his time and energy to his artistic practice. He took one year to explore and visit different art academies within Europe which could propose and interesting approach to photography. Nathan then decided to choose Holland and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie to pursue his studies. 


After entering the Academy in 2013, Nathan Favot’s practice evolved as he started to experiment with new mediums. His decision to join the Rietveld Academy glass department wasn’t so much link to the medium itself, but to the liberty offered by his mentors inside this small department. During the first two years in the department, his projects mostly involved multi-media installation, and performances. Slowly his practice moved towards video installation and visual experiments related to narrative constructions.


It is during these years in The Large Glass department, that a unique collaboration was born. In relation to the artist Sasha Herman, Robert Riphagen, Anton Lyngdal Sigurdsson, and Patrick Hamilton, Nathan Favot created, The Madlab. What was at first an art student collaboration evolved and became today, The MadLab Studio in Rotterdam ( This artist-run space involves international exchange and projects that promote an alternative form of collaboration for the artists based in Rotterdam.


During his curses in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Nathan Favot decided to realize his first documentary movie. Based on the life of his friend and work partner Robert Riphagen. To realize this project he stopped his studies for one year and traveled to Romania to collaborate with different actors of the Romanian cinema scene he knew.


While finishing his movie in Bucharest, Nathan started collecting local facts and mythologies to compose what will become his graduation project, “Looking beyond the Five”. This research became a theater play in five-act written and directed by Nathan Favot. This text is composed of stories and tales collected through his time in Romania, inside which the main roles are characters extracted from Nathan’s personal life.

Nathan directed the first act of his play for his graduation in 2017, in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. After achieving his studies he decided to move with his collective to Rotterdam, where The Madlab Studio is today. During the past two years, his practice slowly reintegrated photography as the main medium in relation to his personal archives and narratives research. 


Nathan has taken the characters and roles he performed in his precedent projects out of their context. They are now symbols and autonomous entities that can be re-install in different environments. The analog camera became an essential tool to mark this point of transition and fix those experiments in time and space.


If his current project mostly involves photography, his practice remains widely variated through his collaboration inside The Madlab Studio, and some upcoming projects will push him back toward movie and video installation in the coming year.



Nathan Favot’s practice explore the limit between worlds and words, it is a dive through multiple existences toward the limits of our perceptions.

His work expresses the importance to describe the multiple realities we all experience and the narratives constructions supporting our lives.

The medium he used, might variates from one project to another but analog photography often holds a central role in his artistic research.

The analogue camera offers a technic which, at the same time, physically extend our visual perception, but limit those effects to the frame defined by the photographer.

Nathan would describe his own practice as a continuous theatrical performance, that takes place within and around himself simultaneously.

Extracted from his memories, the artist had decompose his former life into new persona.

In ancient Latin the word persona meant “mask.” The word also can refer to a character played by an actor.While a persona is not considered a lie or a falsehood, its meaning implies that it is only part of the truth.

This imaginary world of multiple identities is a playground where Nathan Favot asks questions about our identity, as a person or as a group.

His practice aims to capture unseen landscapes while creating new historical facts, to remind us that reality, as perception, can not be fixed for long .

In this process Nathan is constructing still life imageries as a form of open-source reality samples to be use by public audiences.