2021 -May 2021- Duo-Exhibition with  MR.AWKWARD, in GALLERY NULLID , Reykjavik, Iceland.




2020 – Selected for Publieke Werken 2020. Art in public space using publicity stands, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 


2020 – Co-director and participant of the Los. Angeles. Rotterdam. project. (L.A.R.p) international art collaboration Project, in between L.A. and Rotterdam. Due to the COVID-19 the project became an online art platform.


2019 –  JUNE 2019, Collective exhibition, B-LA Connect. Organise in Berlin in as a follow up of CO/LAB III: LA-Berlin. Monte Vista Project selected the MADLAB studio to represent them for this exhibition in Kronenboden Gallery, Berlin, Germany.


2019 – MARCH / MAY 2019, Collective exhibition in Los Angeles, Torrent Art Museum, USA. CoLab 4, project in between Rotterdam and L.A, USA.


2019 – FEBRUARY, 2019, Rencontre avec X, Solo exhibition, Painting and sound installation in The MadLab Studio, Rotterdam, Netherlands


2018 – JUNE, 2018, Performer and co-creator of “I Only Read When I’m On Holidays”, Instalation and live performance show in collaboration with Show Room MAMA, Rotterdam, Holland.


2018 – MAY, 2018, Guest performer and Director of Mr Awkward show Season 3 Episode 1, MadLab Studio, Rotterdam, Holland.


2018 – MARCH, 2018, MadLab Studio Grand Opening and shared exhibition with Anton Lyngdal, Laura Grimm, Sasha Herman, and Robert Riphagen, MadLab Studio, Rotterdam, Holland.


2017 – JUNE, 2017, Looking Beyond the Five, First Act: Lacul Morii, Theater play Writer, Stage De- signer and Director, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Graduation show, Amsterdam, Holland.


2017 – MAY, 2017, The MadLab 8 cubic meters show, Gallery 8 cubic meters, Amsterdam, Holland.


2017 – FEBRUARY, 2017, MadLab in Fijnhout, Collective exhition in the Fijnhout Studio, with Sasha Herman, Anton Lyngdal, and Robert Riphagen. Movie premiere in Hollande of “Robert Riphagen”, cultureel centrum Fijnhout, Amsterdam, Holland.


2016 – MAY, 2016, Lecture and presentation of the movie, “Robert Riphagen” in the UNATC, Bucharest, Romania.


2015 – SEPTEMBER, 2015, Participant in the program Spaciu Expendat, MNAC, Bucharest, Romania.


2015 – FEBRUARY, 2015, “The Mountain”, Solo exhibition, Gallery DITS, Amsterdam, Holland.


2014 – JUNE, 2014, “The Hanging plateform”, Design project in collaboration with the designers, Jens Toni Willumsen, Nicolas Chuard, and Kristine Sorensen, Roskilde music festival 2014, Roskilde, Danmark.


2013 – OCTOBER, 2013, “Have you seen this man ?”, First solo performance, written and played, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Glass pavilion, Amsterdam, Holland.


2017 – Bachelor of Fine arts. The Large Glass Department. Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
2011 – Bachelor of Visual communication and cultural mediation. UNICE/Háskóli íslands