My practice explore the limit between worlds and words, it is a dive through multiple existences toward the limits of our perceptions. My work expresses the importance to describe the multitudes of realities we all experience and the narratives constructions supporting our lives.


A memory changes whenever it is remembered, and its revision becomes a new truth. The action of exploiting memories for the purpose of storytelling is often done without conscious thought. Memories when created, are subjective to their beholder and when recited, are adjusted according to their audience. Recalling memories formed in my childhood and ruminating on these stories in adulthood, I can’t help but dissect my memory’s influences and influencers, and what roles parents and grandparents played in feeding lessons and myths into my subconscious.


The medium I used, might variate from one project to another. Analog photography recently holds a central role in my artistic research. This technic can physically extend our visual perception, but its effects are limited in time and space to the pre-defined
frame. In this sense photography is a paradox. A moment, a perception, or a time of exposure has been captured and stopped, but its life as a visual entity just begins. My practice is a continuous theatrical performance, that takes place within and around me simultaneously. Extracted from memories, I had decomposed my former life into a set of a new persona. In ancient Latin, the word persona meant “mask.” The word also can refer to a character played by an actor. While a persona is  not considered a lie or a falsehood, its meaning implies that it is only part of the truth. This world where truth is partially undefined is a playground where I can question
our identity, as a person or as a group. I could aim to capture unseen landscapes while creating new historical facts, to remind us that reality, like perception, can not be fixed for long.


My works consider the ways that memories shift over time. Carried from a young age, these experiences and stories become embellished, or accrue heightened emotional resonances they shift and change in the constant retelling. Some become completely false memories, others more cinematic and profound. The stories and memories that are planted as early seeds grow and change as we experience life. In this process, I am constructing still life imageries as a form of open-source reality samples to be used by public audiences.