2022 – Self-Portraiture on Analog Photography


This work presents a series of self-portraits realized with analog photography, in the Netherlands, in 2022


After the lock down, I left the house of my family in-law field with self-reflection. All my collective projects had been canceled and I decided to continue the visual deconstruction of my identities, using personas I created in 2014, during a performance at school.


I had tried to represent these alter-egos as identity fragments, iconic figures that could easily be manipulated. As I was breaking down their imagery, with long exposure photography and performances, the images became segments composing alternative tales of my life.

I thought those projects could help me understand the foundation of personal identities but it is mythological products I was creating.


This project is using different analog formats and lenses to create a sense of broader objectivity. The photo tends to create a more intimate relationship between the characters and their audiences. Personas do not appear only as shape and shadow but face the camera proud of their saturated identity.

“Framed identities” will be the last time I will use those characters in analog photography.