The Basement of Buried dreams


2020 – Performances captured on analog camera

Performance by Nathan Favot

Photography by Nathan Favot

4×5 inch Kodak film


Souvenirs are not like photographs forever fix in a still position. A dream is composed of fragments and emotions from the day we lived. A remembrance fluctuates and evolves with us.

This project explores the foundations of those memories and dreams where a person’s identity might be buried. Inside a basement, in complete darkness, and alone I’m performing each character as intensively as he can remember them. These long-exposure leave more space for each role to appears and mark the sensitive surface of the film.

Those pictures are pilled-up flashbacks, where characters sometimes combine or diffract their identities in a ballet of light.

The photographs realized in the series “The Basement of buried dreams” represent a statue of transition. Those characters are in balance to define my current identity and this work visually expresses this metaphor.

As the flash hits the body, each of those roles suddenly exists and appears in the film. I dance, jump and yell in the dark where everything can exist while the shutter is open.